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What is sclerose?
By Karen Schreiber

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the central nervous system, primary in thr brain or spinal cord. This is called an inflammatory disease and it is estimated that it is your own immune system, that overreacts and attacks parts of the nervous system. Nerve cells notifies the other nerves via its nerve is covered with a greasy layer of insulation and an electrical wire. This insulating layer (myelin) is necessary for the messages or impulses to arrive in time. With sclerosis, the immune cells "misunderstand" their task and attack the myelinlagene so that they become threadbare (lesions) and disrupts the nerves' ability to give the message to other nerves and thereby also to muscles and skin, and more. The immune system can break down but is also able to reverse this unfortunate process so that damage is reduced and the healing process (new formation of myelin) can start. Sclerosis is a very individual disease, degenerating very differently from one person to another. Therefore, one can not predict the individual's future state of disease. Although science has not solved the riddle, they are developing new procceses that help dealing with the disease. Treatment and control is performed by specialist clinics affiliated neurological department. It is important to know that – it is possible to live a good life with multiple sclerosis and there are many examples on that.

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