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Heat and sleep, June, July August

June is early summer and maybe it will be summer.

Now the heat comes rolling - and with the heat often comes bad nights ... the heat starts to keep awake.
You start to sweat and have nights that are difficult - and some feel that they are getting increasingly restless legs.

It is important that you start getting ready already.

A really good advice is to get a fan, they are available in all possible heights and sizes.
Do not put it so it blows directly at you, as it increases the risk of getting a summer cold and it is not fat.
Put it so that it points towards a corner of the room - maybe a little upwards, because it creates circulation in the room which suddenly does not feel the same way warm.

The risk of poor sleep - means fatigue during the day, both physically and mentally, and it is a really bad rhythm and you start to feel pressured.

There is, of course, a risk that when you use a fan and the air circulates, you also get dust and pollen to do the same. So if you are allergic, just be aware of it.

It can also dry the mucous membranes a bit, which is also why it is important
not pointing directly at you.

Sleep is very, very important, we all know that!

There are many places to buy a fan - but one thing is quite
surely, the longer you wait the greater the risk that there are many others
that got the same idea ... and then it sold out!

// Admin