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Heat - cognition - sclerosis

Heat - cognition - sclerosis

It's not the world's best cocktail the three things together.

During the very hot summer, there are many people with multiple sclerosis who have felt that they have cognitively felt bad.
We have written and talked to many - and have said the same thing every time.
This is completely normal !! - do not be afraid.

As stated earlier, both here in the PDF magazine, on the website and in the Facebook group, your symptoms will get worse in the heat. Your central nervous system gets heated and all the symptoms you hear or have had physically get worse.

This is also the case with your cognition.
Your cognitive problems or challenges or whatever you want to call it get worse. It's not something that stays - but it can clearly scare you.

For many years, many different studies have been done - blue. In 2012, where in the USA it was proven that "ordinary" people face people with multiple sclerosis - the people with multiple sclerosis were 70% slower to perform tasks where you had to use your concentration, tasks with several things at the same time or memory. There have been many similar studies since then which have proven more or less the same - but basically it is about the central nervous system - and the brain being heated and the "communication" being slowly or partially interrupted.

By the way - many who lie and soak up the sun half or full. It's because you get lazy - do not bother - can not your body and system become slow. Again as it is so often - for us sclerosis sufferers there you have to multiply it all by 5 - 10, then you can see how you feel as a sclerosis sufferer.

So if you have felt - and feel - that you have not been able to do your crossword puzzle, sudoku or have been particularly good at participating in conversations with several at once - then you have here the explanation - if you did not already know it .

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