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Sclerose.info operates the largest and most serious closed to sclerosis sufferers, relatives and others with an interest in sclerosis on Facebook. Here you can share your experiences and seek inspiration from others.
There are 2 groups on Facebook, the open which is a more information page, as well as the closed group where you have to apply for membership.
Sclerose.info YouTube channel with both lecture and debate topics.

As a member get offered to participate in the activities that the association holds either for free or for a very small payment, where against users, non-members are only offered this after you as a member do not want to participate (but at full price).

We have 2 different memberships, to make it much easier than all the normal different memberships that many times exist

A support membership for you as a person who will support the association's work and make the association stronger with your voice.

A support membership for your company, the company that backs the association's work.

As a company you can also buy a logo with a logo on our front page as a support company.
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