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Superfoods - LAKS - The popular health food

Superfoods salmon

No3 SALMON - The popular health bringer

Salmon is a super healthy fish, which is the most fish. It contains the essential N-3 fatty acids that should be present in our diet every day. The salmon is especially rich in iodine and selenium, and it has a high content of vitamin D and B12.

Example of recipe with LAX:
For four people

4 pieces of salmon fillet of 125-150 g
1 teaspoon of Maldon Sea Salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

2 bundles of spring onions
1 red pepper
1 minced red onion
250 g broccoli
1 small zucchini
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 dl dry vermouth (eg Martini)

Course of action:

The spring onions are nicely cut, the red pepper is cut and cut into small cubes.
The red onion is chopped, the broccoli is divided into small bouquets and the zucchini is cut into cubes.
The vegetables are mixed and turned over with olive oil, salt and pepper and put in a greased, refractory dish.

The fish pieces are put on top, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and the vermouth is poured on. The dish is covered with baking paper and the fish is baked at 225 degrees for approx. 20 minutes.

Serve with good bread or freshly cooked quinoa.

Easy and tasty dish, where the choice of vegetables is completely and completely optional - you can make it with all kinds of vegetables - try it out.