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Superfoods - Ginger - Centuries of health


No 5 GINGER - Century health root

Ginger has a reputation that many would wish followed them - namely that it can cure almost "EVERYTHING"…

Ginger is thought to relieve joint pain and pain in connection with osteoarthritis. Ginger is also used against motion sickness, indigestion, heartburn and inflammatory conditions. It helps to lower blood cholesterol and stimulate the heart and circulation.

Ginger has, and with well-documented scientific experiments, AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECT !!!

Sample recipe with Ginger:

Morning drink on an empty stomach !!!

½ liter of cold boiled water
½ squeezed lemon juice
2 cm grated ginger root

The water is boiled in the evening before bedtime and cools at night… In the morning, grate the ginger and add together with the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Drink on an empty stomach with a small smile on your lips and joy that the sense of touch is intact on the lips and in the palate!