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Doesn't it just happen to the neighbor?

Mia B. Lorenzen… progressed…
Doesn't it just happen to the neighbor?

When Mia was investigating, we wrote with Mia.
We agreed that if Mia became one of our few (sclerosis) selected sclerosis sufferers, we would very much like to hear Mia's story.

The process during the investigation phase. Unfortunately - can we bring the story. It is a long but very honest and incredibly well described story - course - so instead of bringing the whole story we have agreed to bring it over 3 parts.

You can read all 3 sections here on the page or in Sclerose.info's PDF magazines

If you are new to sclerosis you will certainly be able to nod ten of the many feelings Mia describes. An incredibly honest and straightforward description, about the days, the weeks leading up to her being diagnosed.

That is Mia's own description, and as you will find out over time, we are many with sclerosis, where we are all different as the disease is and is developing.

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