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Beach sun and weather change

In early May 2018, Maggie Isager posted to the Sclerose.info Facebook group which was:

Am mad and mega sorry what was going to be a good trip to the beach turned into a hell, last
year, I could walk in the sand, swim and just have fun all summer and NOW I can't ski, not a
walking in the sand knowing it is over for the rest of my life has completely ruined me inside, i
really do not know what the hell I have to put up with my l…. life, hate to have become so

disabled, in such a damn short time

It made me grab the keyboard right away - because it is a frequent reaction from the body when early summer comes, and this year it has been much more warm and prominent
than normal.
So… .. let's just throw ourselves all on the beach.
Early summer came with great rapid strides - the temperature rose - the sun smiled with its fiery rays.
Wearing swimsuit / bikini and off.
And then you can very easily get the experience that everything has become much worse than last year, because the body is simply not ready. It's gone too fast.
The body needs to spend days / weeks quietly turning to being in the sun and heat.
Otherwise, the risk is very high for the body to react vigorously (you get bad, you become lethargic, your symptoms worsen) When your body gets hot then your symptoms increase, your core

nervous system gets heated (overheated) - result, you get that shit.

Spend a few days turning the body. Instead of spending 2 hours in the sun or more - start with 30 minutes - find shade - and you will feel that the body was dull, but it will turn
back to normal mode. Then you can take 30 minutes more, but REMEMBER - if you do it too many times the body can react negatively, get a headache, etc. (and only a few can do the first
Respect your body for your own good.
And the body is smart - it responds to a state that is different from what it knows (the seasons) - and by going into slow motion (shutting it down a bit) - the body protects you (maybe a little weird to
understand, but the body defends you)
And right now that we're on the beach - so REMEMBER for the heck !!! (I just yell !!!)
  • Sunscreen - and not a factor 4!
  • WATER - drink water water water. When you drink water you take care of your body (stay away from alcoholic drinks in the sun and vamen, it has NO positive effect and only damages your body)
  • SHADOW - make sure you are near shade. Frequently move into the shade - take care of your body!
  • You can Have a small spray standing with water in which you repeatedly spray over your wrists, ankles, neck, arms and legs. It is cool


IF YOU ARE GOING BAD - what is usually referred to as a sunstroke or a sunstroke-like condition - make sure to cool your wrists and ankles (and possibly your neck) immediately
A piece of fabric that you put water on - lots of water - and put on as a cover. Change them or pour more water over very frequently. When your body starts functioning again - then search inside and relax
off on the couch. You certainly want a reaction and feel bad, headaches, tired. It will take some time. Drink plenty of water
Now enjoy the summer - enjoy the good weather - but remember to take care of yourself and your body
Summer and sun generally provide increased quality of life and a better mood, so it is important to have good experiences.
Finally, around sun and summer - it's important to remember that we all react differently to sun and summer and heat than others. Unfortunately, there is NO facsimile list.
It would be so much easier wouldn't it? …
But that's how it is with the sclerosis - unpredictable and there are not 2 similar sclerosis strikes
// Kim Gelser