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Good advice for those traveling if you have walking problems (big or small) or use a wheelchair.

Schedule Schedule Schedule… well in advance!

Many times you hear about cities in different parts of the world that are not handicap friendly. One may not always be right - although it is always good to listen to the experiences of others.

Therefore - if you need to travel and you use a wheelchair or have walking difficulties - then sit down and fight for the city or place you are going to.
Take a look at the excursion destinations that are - and plan your day (s)
At every hotel or tourist destination there is always carefully explained whether there is a possibility of lift - or how access conditions are to the swimming pool, restaurant, cafes, bridges, the pedestrian zone, the historic caves or mountains.
See what is written and don't say "we look at that when we arrive"
Plan it!

At the same time, you must also plan the energy you use. Because it is never nice to run out of energy in the middle of an excursion - and it always happens that it is just before seeing the Eifel Tower or the like.
Make sure you plan with your family or travel mates - that there is a rest period.

REMEMBER - when you travel from the well-known Danish climate and land in Greece - Italy or the Spanish heat - so react your body!

This way you can ensure a perfect vacation… planning is keyword!

Book your hotel and travel well in advance!

It is often cheaper to be out in good time with booking.
If you are going on a city break - in almost all hotels there are very few handicapped friendly rooms (1 room… 2 rooms… maybe 3 rooms)
The best hotels - both quality and price - are always booked early.
The best advice Sclerose.info has always provided is… Book your summer vacation in December (if possible)

Decide what to see (with family and / or friends, of course)
Go on the internet and read about the place - museum, stations, hotels etc. In many places there are ramps - low curbs or none - elevator ... make sure you have done your homework ... then the holidays are much better and hassle-free - and there is no stress for you.
REMEMBER - that not all places have disability information - and so it may be a good idea to send an email to the place to look or live - to make sure. (or call)

What if ?
Even if everything is planned - or you have tried to plan it all - make a plan for "What if ..."
It's always nice to have someone with - or family with - who can step in if something goes wrong.
Still, it is always a good idea to have thought about what to do if a problem such as one's wheelchair breaks (electrical), heat problems, etc.
Also, make sure you have taken out travel insurance or extended travel insurance - but make sure you have talked to the insurance company to make sure you are covered despite sclerosis.

Have a wonderful vacation! 🙂