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The 1000 faces of the sclerosis

1000 faces


In 2013, Sclerose.info started a series of stories about us humans behind the diagnosis of sclerosis.
We all have a background.
We are all human beings.
We have all the information - opinions - attitudes.

When you are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis - and subsequently - you can very easily feel "All alone in the world".
This was one of the reasons why Sclerose.info started this series of articles - so that you as a person with multiple sclerosis, as a relative, as interested - can see that you are one of many.
You are not alone!

Sclerosis does not affect a specific group. It is not the case that if you live in Aalborg, in Glostrup or in Tønder - that you are a man of 32 years - that you are unskilled timber - that you play football in your spare time - are married - have 2 children - shop in Bilka every other Saturday - and by the way do not have a landline phone - then you are in the risk group!
Sclerosis is "indifferent"
If it hits - it does not think about finances, work, status… it hits!

It is true that there are statistics that show that heredity / genetic predisposition, that there are more women than men - that there MAY be some geographical conditions - and some social influences… and you can relate to that somewhere, but when the sclerosis hits me - then it has become ME, not a statistic.

Through Sclerose.info's questions and stories, we show you a face behind the disease. Behind our common denominator.
Jytte, Hans, Maybritt, Peter… we are all human we are all different. Completely as the disease is different - this is how our lives before and after are different.

Read all stories - read listen foal - see other people's opinions and experiences.
We believe you will become stronger at bypassing your own multiple sclerosis by reading about the lives of others. Sclerosis in your life (NO MATTER how you feel - how many years you have had multiple sclerosis - how the disease has behaved and developed….)

Want to become a face.
Do you want to share your knowledge and experience… then you are very welcome to write to deanie@sclerose.info (Deanie Mofjeld) controls all faces… or at least stories behind)

Your story will be used in Sclerose.info's PDF online magazine, and / or on the website, and we have printed some that are posted at the sclerose clinics around the country.

We look forward to hearing from you - and look forward to you becoming the next face in our long line…

In the menu under articles and Sclerosen's 1000 faces you have a list of all the stories that are brought here on the site - and under the PDF magazine you can see all the previous magazines that have been brought (as a member of Sclerose.info you have access to all stories and information, but as visitors to the site there may be restrictions on how much you can see)

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