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The Sclerosis' 1000 Faces - Birthe Birk

The 1000 faces.

Name. Birthe Birk
Age: 70
Lives in: Helsingør
Diagnosis: Secondary progressive
Treatment: none

What were the 1st symptoms?
Drop foot in 1974.

Why did you choose this treatment?
I have not been offered any treatment

Do you take alternative medicine or treatment - why - what helps you?
I take vitamin D, EPA GLA +, magnesium. I am advised by a doctor.

How many times have you been scanned since you were diagnosed - and when were you last scanned?
2002 Last time, 2004 I was also first diagnosed in writing.

What is your favorite quote or slogan?
"I have an illness but I'm not sick"

What did you do before the diagnosis - and what do you do now / also like hobbies?
I was a bookkeeper, did gymnastics, and ran in the athletics club.

How are you as a person and a human being today?
I am happy and positive, have a good life.

Have you changed after the diagnosis and in what way?
I'm not going very well.

Do you have a temper ... and what does it do for you - both positive and negative?
I mean that I am very relaxed with my family and friends, not least my 4 grandchildren.

How has your social circle coped with getting sclerosis?
It took a long time before they realized it, but now they are sweet and helpful.

Do you hate your sclerosis?
Well, that's a pity, but now I have it

What is the worst symptom or side effect of your sclerosis? And how does that affect your everyday life?
Unfortunately, I have nerve pain in my legs, EVERY day. I am now getting cannabis CBD and THC to help me. It takes the pain so I sleep really well at night.

Do you live by the principles of sclerosis? And do you notice a difference between before and after?
I like to eat when I eat too unhealthy so I try to eat fish, chicken and vegetables.

What has your sclerosis provided you with good experiences?
Have to say I have experienced a lot of good training at Montebello in Spain, and at the sclerosis hospital in Ry, got wonderful friendships both places.

How do you feel about training? Do you feel a positive effect, or do you feel it is a necessary evil?
I go to team training, it's good for me, and individual treatment. I am pleased.

Life has so many colors… .what was your color before you got sclerosis and what is it now?
Before navy blue, white and red… ..now happy colors pink, lime and turquoise.

Well… ..but what is the best thing about having sclerosis…?
The best thing, it's not something you die from.

What is your attitude about the way the policies look at "us sclerosis sufferers"?
I have only encountered problems very few times.

Do you have good advice for newly diagnosed people?
Take it easy, listen to your body, you can easily have a good life despite the sclerosis.

Do you have any good advice for us with sclerosis?
Try to be positive and light in mind.

Where are you in 5 years?
Here where I am now, I still go with the crutch.

What do you think of the job sclerose.info is doing?
It is exciting reading material for us others, good debate

What is your biggest dream?
A trip with HURTIGRUTEN, TO Norway

Finally, tell a little about yourself and your life so far?

I got my first attack right after the birth of our first child in 1, a drop foot, It was not taken care of.
My next attack came when I had given birth to our second child in 2, again a drop foot. You didn't take care of that either.
So first in 1988 I got a major attack, I was disturbed from under the breasts and down, then I was examined for the world, brain tumor, borelia I was scanned no brain tumor, was x-rayed with contrast, got spinal cord test, nothing was found, and called it Neopathia (unnamed spinal cord inflammation). There was a doctor who asked what the worst thing I could do, I said it was cancer, you can die from it. Have you thought about sclerosis she then asked as she went, I got a shock. I was going home for the weekend
My husband and I had a conversation with another doctor on Monday, he said they couldn't say if it was sclerosis.
Then some years went by where I got to draw on the right leg, poor balance, etc. I came to rehab at Esbønderup hospital several times, with good results.

In 1992 there was another attack where I could not feel my abdomen and legs at all, I was scanned again and got a spinal cord test but got no diagnosis.

It was still going downhill slightly with the right side from the waist down.

In 2003 I came to check on the sclerosis ambulatory as I used to do every year since 1988, there was a doctor who said I had sclerosis. I then got copies of my entire journal that was constantly suspected of sclerosis.

Only in 2004 did I get it in writing, but there I knew it well. I have always gone to a physical therapist (free of charge) on teams and individually.
Later I've been to Montebello in Spain, a fantastic workout, been to Haslev 1 time and Ry several times.
I'm fair, have a good man who helps with what i can't handle myself.
Family and friends who are incredibly helpful.
I have an electric crosser, and the walker (which I got from the municipality) has various aids indoors.

In 2013, I fell through a glass door, cut tendons, nerves and heart ulcers over, lost a lot of blood, but a skilled hand surgeon helped me, my right hand is now nerve damaged, can't be used for much, but I manage to go to stitch J after the accident i sat in a wheelchair for 4 months but got back on my feet.
We travel twice a year to Fuerteventura, there I go for walks on the boardwalk, it's just so nice.

We have a motor sailor that we sail on summer holidays in, the sea is a nice alternative, for peace and quiet.

On the whole, I have a good life, surrounded by lovely people.
It was a bit off me.





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