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Sclerosis - a design disease ..

MS is a design disease

…What ??? ...

What do I mean by that?

The truth is that my MS diagnosis does not, in fact, give any details about how I am ill. Other diagnoses such as "broken arm" give you a pretty good idea of ​​what symptoms to expect from someone with the diagnosis.

MS is hard to tell others about, most people you meet on the street do not know the disease or they also know the story of someone who had the diagnosis and that is how MS looks to them…. Another challenge is that people (including journalists and people who make subtitles for TV shows) think that Sclerosis, MS and ALS are the same disease, as they all contain the word "Sclerosis".

I eventually chose the following explanation: MS is a design disease, meaning you get your very own specially designed version of MS. This means that even people with MS diagnoses do not know what symptoms you have. My symptoms are mostly fatigue supplemented with various physical and cognitive symptoms. I'm pretty sure many others could say the same, but I'm also pretty sure my version of MS is entirely my own.

We are a 15000 in Denmark who have been diagnosed - the label - MS, or sclerosis.

As many as we are with MS as many different ways MS develops, types of symptoms or degrees of symptoms, composition of symptoms, development, issues, etc., etc. are there.

Longer explanation to civilians (all of you unaware of MS / sclerosis): MS is an autoimmune disease, which means that the immune system eats the isolation around the nerve connections in the brain. When the isolation is "eaten", the connection is reduced or completely disconnected and the "computer" sends the wrong signals to the rest of the organism. MS can have all sorts of non-fatal symptoms…. 

It is important to emphasize, over and over again, that you do NOT die of sclerosis. In the worst cases of sclerosis, the sclerosis afflicted as being debilitated and poor can cause the risk of sequelae to become fatal, but fortunately it is only in very very few cases.

PS MS is NOT ALS. MS is a completely different diagnosis and has NOTHING in common with ALS. (So ​​Troels Kløvedal did not die of MS! - Troels Kløvedal died of ALS)

// Lars Blak Rasmussen