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On bare bottom


You can download “On bare bottom” here:  Paa_bar_bund_sclerose_info

"We must then create a book for newly diagnosed people, a picture book that must be the first thing a new person with sclerosis gets in his hand when he / she sits and gets the message from a doctor ..."

"It has to be a book that should be like a shoulder you can lean on - a support, (book support!) ..."

"It must be honest, informative, life affirming and have" a little edge ... "

The book has now been created - and it has been printed in 10.000 copies, which are distributed around all the country's sclerosis departments at the Danish hospitals.

In the book, Mia Wolffbrandt is the main character.

A young woman who was diagnosed with sclerosis in 2008.

A woman who wants life - who dares to live and who never gives up.

The book can be found at your sclerosis department at the hospital where you get your sclerosis medicine…

The book is called “On bare bottom…”.

We also asked the main character in the book, Mia, if she would like to participate in the "10 healthy questions for a totally sick" article series - and she has happily said YES… - you can read Mia's answer here.

You can download “On bare bottom” here:  Paa_bar_bund_sclerose_info

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