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Who is Sclerose.info?

Welcome to Sclerose.info

Who is Sclerose.info really?

* Sclerose.info is an association founded in 2002.
* Sclerose.info is an independent association - we have nothing to do with the old association Sclerose Association.
* Sclerose.info is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) - meaning Sclerose.info receives no government grants of any kind - but only private funds.
* Sclerose.info was founded primarily by sclerosis sufferers - and in the association today it is still primarily sclerosis sufferers who work.
* Sclerose.info is an association that works with information about the disease sclerosis. We want to increase information to the public so that awareness is increased. At the same time, we want to help inform about "life" to others
* sclerosis - sharing experiences - helping each other - so that our existence with the disease gets better and we all get a better life even if we all have or are related to this stupid disease.
* Since we were founded in 2002 - Sclerose.info has been behind many activities and events - such as Art Competition - Sclerosmatchen - lecture nights - leaflets and much more.
* Sclerose.info opens up for people to join and support our work and each other - something we previously did not want to do.
* Sclerose.info has always been very active in the electronic world - on social media - and through our website.

In addition, Sclerose.info's purpose:

“The association's purpose is to spread the knowledge and understanding of multiple sclerosis and the effects of the disease in order to improve conditions and opportunities for people with multiple sclerosis and their relatives in Denmark.

In addition, Sclerose.info's goal is to constantly disseminate the latest information about the disease, its effects, research into treatment methods and care, thereby improving the opportunities for people with multiple sclerosis to take a better position on illness, treatment, future life and general situation ”.

If you have any questions about Sclerose.info, feel free to write an email to admin@www.sclerose.info or to the association's president Kim Gelser at kim@www.sclerose.info

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