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New with sclerosis

If you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, so there are many other ideas with you right now.

There are also similar thoughts and worries in your relatives, and where in everyone is right now, the worst is the uncertainty.
What's going to happen?
What is the prospect of the future?
How will the disease affect you in the future?

You ask doctors and nurses and no one can give a specific answer. unfortunately there are no facitlists. There is NO ONE who can tell you what is going to happen.

Yesterday - or before you were diagnosed, you lived in a belief that everything will work out, today you have found out that we all live in a false sense of security and insecurity, and that NO ONE knows what tomorrow will bring.

The good thing is that today there are many treatment options and that there are more opportunities than before. If one medicine does not work, there are other options.

Some people do not think it is wise to take medication.
Some have side effects when taking medication.

After all the years and long-term data you have, the statistics show that it is wise to take medication - whether it is one or the other.

Whether you choose it or not - make sure you have a really good dialogue with your doctor, because he / she wants the best for you. Do not play doctor yourself, but listen to your doctor.

Unfortunately - welcome to the "club" for people with multiple sclerosis. REMEMBER - living positively and looking positively at life and your day makes it much easier

// Admin, Sclerose.info