The medicine system works as it should, Jakob Kjellberg says about the medicine council that rejected ocrelizumab for progressive sclerosis

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June 13
Speech by President Kim Gelser

I can't sit this article over.

I'm really so angry about this decision - and so I get a little mad at Jakob Kjellberg !!
No !!!! Jakob Kjellberg is not right !!

It is ok to make a financial consideration - of course you have to. It is one of the tasks of the medicine council.

BUT !!!!!!!!!! - excerpts from the article;
“The Board of Medicine believes that treatment with Ocrevus is associated with significant additional costs compared to no disease-modifying treatment. And the Board of Medicine does not consider that there is a reasonable relationship between the clinical effect and the costs that Ocrevus is expected to have ”

This is a very short-term consideration.
What does it cost the community to have untreated progressives walking around - not being able to maintain a job - pensions - home help - aids - helper / companion - care? .... a consideration of the medical / medical part (let's consider it a 0, - cost against payment of medicine) against the increased expense that remains on the social side.

At the same time, I am completely ready to challenge any medical profession - the medicine council (one of the many directors) - politicians on the issue - ECONOMIC CONSIDERATION AND ASSESSMENT OF LIFE QUALITY!
What will the smart heads who are capable of judging what a fair financial consideration is in terms of impact and cost add value to the quality of life ??

In England it is priced (I could not find the amount at the time of writing) - but Denmark has not set it.

So for the 33% THINKING you could be a group (and believe me you would try it on more ... but don't treat them to them it didn't work, which is a correct way) - for the people you have now Smashed their hopes ...

As a sclerosis frame I am embarrassed !!!. I am ashamed of this hopeless decision - I regret and lament it to all of you progressives.
(I'm not progressive myself - but I feel with everyone and one of you)

As chairman of the association there, I'm upset - and I can't accept it.

Kim Gelser
The association

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