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Be positive …

May 2018

Positive attitude to life!

I've had the urge to tell my own story and experience for the past few months.

Usually, I don't tell too much about myself, my person, my situation. I like to share experiences and feelings about life, sclerosis, views and like to share the experience I have had about life, life with sclerosis
But… 2018 - has been a very turbulent year for me.
… .. I just strike a big blow for the positive attitude.
Life is so nice!
I'm enjoying life.
I actually think my “cloud” coffee down here in Spain tastes a little extra good.
I look at the cup… hmmmm… it does.
I just got my typical Spanish breakfast - bread with oil and pureed tomato.
KL is 10.30 - the sun is warm. I just have to spend half an hour in the sun, then on the other side of the table in the shade and cool down.
It's my regular restaurant on the beach - Jose, the waiter pass by and slaps me on the shoulder with his big smile…. "Who cares Kim"…
I have my permanent place…. Fixed tables. Right at one end of the outdoor serving area.
Some people walk along the side of the restaurant and on to the beach and the beach chairs that the restaurant rents out, and because I sit at the end, some of them go behind me.
For me inside - there is sitting and looking beyond the Mediterranean wonderfully.

My soul enjoys it. In fact, I have to remember to both move in the shade and remember that I don't have time to sit there all day.


Behind me comes an elderly married couple walking.
The wife pushes an empty wheelchair, the man afterwards comes very slowly with crutches. They move down to the first beach chairs and sit down.
The man does not seem to like his idea of ​​sunbathing -
but no doubt the wife is ready for some browning sun rays.

I smile a little inside.

Once upon a time I could soak up the sun, so even now the sun seems to be there!
Now there I can no longer do the same.
Not that I don't love the sun - but my body can't handle being overheated. I get mega mega lethargic. My legs won't if I take hours of sun.

But… it's just changing the patterns a bit so everything is fine.

I look out for a ship sailing past far away - and then I go in positive training.

I think back to the day before.
I remember at first a good thing happened. I focus on it - I remember those little feelings.

It was my youngest son who gave me a hug - but one of those hugs that melts into my toes.

You're cool dad, he said.

Thoughts wander - because you can not do that… they just do it!
I push for the two crutches I have standing.
2018… has been evil to me.
I ended 2017 with a couple of attacks - and started 2018 but another… and a pain hell in my one hip that made that
I went from going without aids, to 2 crutches, and probably should have bought a walker.
I hate aids !! - but it is better to use them than proven to be, for the fight with the body without help,
there is a huge risk of losing.
And now after so many years of sclerosis, I know that you do not fear using aids and that it closes your mouth or gets people thinking other than the damning alcoholic.
I changed medication at the end of 2017 - and it seems that the new medication has not helped - and that my sclerosis
has kicked me behind.
Since March due to hip and pain, I have been through numerous examinations and scans to make sure this is not due
sclerosis - medicine - too much prednisone during the 24 years of sclerosis - acid in joints, etc., etc.
My doctor didn't dare for a few months to treat for an attack I was sure I had. I just got worse and worse physically.
Those who know me know that for many years I have been training more or less every day. Morning training.
I have not been able to do that in 2018.
It has only made it worse…
The screw has been sore…
Last week - I started treatment for a (laaaaangt) attack…
And in 3 days I went from not being able to move without pain to acceptable… it progresses.
But even though it has been difficult - almost impossible - I have been at my beach restaurant most days.
I've gone for a walk on the road. And instead of focusing on the pain of moving, I have often smiled a little that if a parking guard or a dog comes, it pisses me off because I'm so slow that it thinks I'm a sign.
And when I sit down for a walk whether it's 400 meters, 100 meters or just 50 meters at my restaurant and Jose brings me my coffee - then my soul lives.

I'm enjoying life.






The view from my coffee place a lovely
Thursday morning. Inner peace …

How can you do that a few friends have asked… How can you stay and be positive…. ?

And I don't want to sound stupid smart - and I know many have some tedious days - and my world and life are different from everyone else (we're all different!)
But I do it - I force my legs - and I force my mood - I think - because I choose to do it !!
There are days - and in 2018, there have been really, really many where I had to dig very, very deep to find the positive experiences.
But no matter how small they are - they are there. You just have to dig And now when the thoughts waver and the reality kicks in about pain, or "damn it too"… then I force my thoughts back.

Often - very often - I thank Arne Nielsson. I actually do.
Years ago, at one of the first events Sclerose.info used, Arne Nielsson, who told me Arne. "Kim, if you want to be good at playing football, then you have to train all the time, don't you?"

This is also the case if you want to be good at being positive!

I remember just as clearly that I thought…. Aaaaahhhh, that's damn easy to say.

But I also thought when I saw Arne wrote his first book "The Will to Victory", which thought it was about an old sportsman who would say that if I ate rye bread crust and drank water from Gentofte Lake, then I would be able to succeed in life - have iron will. Come nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!

As with the book - as with training of positivity, I've been put to shame

It works !!

Thank you Arne - you have made the biggest difference in my life.
It works !!

It's not easy - but it works.

Push away bad thoughts - force yourself into good and positive thoughts no matter your situation, no matter how your sclerosis is, how physically you are pressured, or cognitively, mentally - if you focus on one or more good experiences or feelings, then you stay in better mood.
There have been days where my day was so black - that the only thing I could think of was to see Arne to me that would say - Now tell your body or your mind what to do - not what shouldn't happen. Tell yourself you're happy.
Say to yourself life is good. It's not that hard !!
Then in the tragic situation of pain and exercise - I can not help but smile.
Well - life is nice !!
The coffee tastes good - it really does
My son's hug.
My lovely wife, and love no matter how I feel
My mom stopped smoking after 30 years - because she wanted to - and I helped her through some difficult periods.
Jose proudly shows me pictures of his two children. They are my life, he says. I like him, he likes me, he gives himself time to show pictures of his children because he is proud and happy. It can then nothing but infect… and positive - he likes me

My soul and my mind love it…

There are so many - whether small or big things, big or small experiences, emotions that are positive.

Dig and find them. Feel them and feel how after a few days / weeks it becomes easier and faster to focus on it.
You train and you get better.
You become more positive - and then, regardless of your situation, it becomes easier to live with sclerosis.

I used to encourage everyone to think more positively - to live more positively - now is the time to do it again.

TRY - to sit down for 10 minutes where there is calm and you can concentrate - and think of positive experience (s).
Do it every day for a week.
The next week - there you do it for 15 minutes
Feel how your day is getting more smiling

REMEMBER - the body will naturally react negatively.
You want to sit and think… he does not know what the hell he's talking about!
It's mind boggling this!
There is nothing positive!
Who the hell does he think he is… he does not know my life!
This is a very common reaction pattern - because your body and soul and mental part have been won over to make you think differently. Therefore respond it!

Just blame me…… just you are constantly trying to get your mind positive.
Good unemployed - and ALL are welcome to write to me directly on kim@www.sclerose.info 

Let 2018 be even more positive 🙂

Kim G