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The corner of the physiotherapist

Physical therapy can make a difference for the sclerosis sufferers.

The key word is training.
It is an important factor in maintaining and rehabilitating lost features after the attack.

Physical therapists, with their knowledge of the body, can guide and instruct in exercises that are appropriate and beneficial to you. We are not two people who are the same and it is important that the exercises are organized for the individual.

Here at "Fysioterapeuten", (online) we will try to explain the individual exercises in as much detail as possible. In addition, the level of difficulty will be graduated so that everyone can participate. The description of the individual exercises will also be supplemented by illustrations and or pictures / video.

The exercises will consist of 4 elements.

1. Balance and coordination training.
2. Muscle training to increase muscle strength.
3. Tension to reduce spasticity and increase suppleness.
4. Circuit training to increase fitness.

You don't have to go down to the gym. All the exercises can be done at home and without special equipment.

However, there is a basic rule to follow when training as a sclerosis framework:
Exercise must be moderate, which means that you do not exercise to exhaustion!

This is important as the sclerosis stricken is long to recover and fatigue can last for several days. Fortunately, the limit of exhaustion may move. This is done by regular and proper training.