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Volunteering in Sclerose.info

We always need more help, a few more hands, so would you like to support Sclerose.info and help us with the work the association is doing?

We very much need help with the following (March 1, 2019)

# Information gatherer.
On the web - in the newspapers - in the media… there is often information that has some relevance to multiple sclerosis.
We would very much like to get in touch with you or you - who would like to spend a few hours a week finding and retrieving that information - and bring it to our website

If you want - are you interested - write to admin@www.sclerose.info

# Diet and nutrition expert - or interested.
Do you go a lot up in diet - minerals - vitamins.
Do you have a “sense of it”… you do not need to be an expert - but must be searching, enlightened and you must want to know more and develop your knowledge.
Previously, Annette Hafstrøm has been Sclerose.info's dietary expert.
Annette had no direct professional knowledge about diet, vitamins and minerals… but had a great interest which meant that Annette gathered a lot of information - kept up to date with your knowledge - new knowledge that came about the topics.
Annette also reviewed books written on diet, vitamins and minerals with great success.

If you want - are you interested - write to admin@www.sclerose.info

# Journalist.
Are you a journalist or journalist student?
If you are - and would like to support Sclerose.info's very important information work - let us hear from you.
It can be open tasks - or tasks within treatment areas or life with multiple sclerosis.

If you want - are you interested - write to admin@www.sclerose.info

One who just wants to write:
Furthermore, it could e.g. be writing an article or articles about how you feel about your sclerosis, how you live your life, your experiences, or gathering information related to sclerosis from the Internet. You may also want to help investigate various sclerosis issues or participate in some of the projects we have started in recent years.

If you have the time and the desire, we would love to hear from you.

Most of the work can be done from home by yourself, you just need a connection to the internet.

You can send an email to admin@www.sclerose.info

We are looking forward to hear from you.

// Admin