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Progress up to diagnosis - not only for neighbor - part 3 (and last part)

Mia B. Lorenzen… progressed…
Doesn't it just happen to the neighbor?

When Mia was investigating, we wrote with Mia.
We agreed that if Mia became one of our few (sclerotic) selected people, we would very much like to hear Mia's story.

The process during the investigation phase.
Unfortunately - can we bring the story. It is a long but very honest and incredibly well described story - course - so instead of bringing the whole story we have agreed to bring it over 3 parts.

Third and last part comes here…

(If you haven't read 1 part yet, you can do so here:

And the second part


… I borrowed an electric scooter from my grandmother so I can
coming around a bit, still going with my crutch.

I can see little progress, but I'm very tired. I sleep most of the day. Until my kids come home dad institution so I have little strength to be with them when they get home.

On August 3rd, I'm going to the hospital.
I get a message that I have 7-8 plaque spots in the brain and one next to 4 nebulae in the spinal cord. 

The doctor says at first that it's probably sclerosis I have but they can not ask a diganosis yet. It requires me to get through a swan more. And I will see that in the beginning of September. 

So I get a new call. And a new time for a conversation in early October.

So now I'm just waiting for the time to pass.

… On August 9, I go down to Ipole in Sønderborg where I usually teach dance and pole. And then I can not help but just try. At this point I can not use my left hand, it has no power. My left leg works but feels like it is sleeping and my balance is not optimal.

But I just have to try, already during heating I have to hold on to a pole so as not to overturn, my body (left side) gets small shocks and loses the forces and the balance .. So here my prospects are probably long. 

2 days later I was still tired in my body.

At this point, there was no need for anything before I got tired, my headaches getting worse. I tried to step out of my pills and sometimes I could manage a day without, but it has returned strongly.

On August 10th I have to go to the hospital for a nerve check. But I do not get those answers yet.

 I will come to Scanning on the 3rd of September and will have to wait until the 2nd of October where I will get an answer as to whether there have been any changes.

I notice that I'm starting to forget things and that can be anything. So I get a calendar that I can write everything down in, even the smallest things. And it is then lying on the table. 

I also forget words, and sentences. When I start talking I suddenly forget what it is I am going to say. Yes, I have tried it many times. But here I can not find it again. Nothing, it's completely gone. I forget conversations I've had within 5 minutes. 

My boyfriend and I are sitting in the living room and jerg then asks in to and he was going out to help his brother. He answers yes to that. Then I go into the bedroom. And then I get annoyed at whether he can not soon figure out whether he should leave or not. So I go out into the living room again and say "Hello, are you leaving or what?"

He says we just talked about it. But I do not remember it, it is completely gone, total black. For me, that conversation did not exist…

It's horrible to stand in.

I also cannot pronounce words or find them. They turn into vulapyk in my mouth. And in most cases I find them again, but in moose !! But it is obviously better than nothing.

At first, a little laugh was made with it on the home front, but when it started to hit me a lot, I got to say it's not funny anymore because I really don't remember it.

The worst thing for me is when I forget the things I promised my children. and it happens so often. Fortunately, the great one begins to understand it all, and we have made an agreement that we should keep each other in mind. Fortunately, the little one doesn't really understand anything yet. So then it is very meant.

 I have always been a social and very active person, but it's like my body does not really allow it anymore. When my friends ask and I want to do 3 different things in one day, I simply have to say no to the two of them, because I can not stick to what I have to go home and relax / sleep during the day to be able to be there for my kids in the afternoon / evening. It's awful, because I'm not that kind of person, I'm active and doing 7 different things, preferably. And now I have to learn to plan so I can maintain a fairly energy level so I can exist. 

I should probably learn it at some point, but if I can learn to say no to the things I would like, it will be really hard!

Then came the day I was going to a conversation I had with my mom and girlfriend ..

the doctor says that there have been no changes, that I still have 8 plaque spots in the brain and oligoclonal bands in the spinal fluid.

The doctor tells a lot of things and I do not really understand it all and then there is silence, looks at him and says, "well is it so sclerosis?"

"Yes it is" is the answer from him .. my answer was "When" .. and then he starts talking medicine treatment. I listen, but still do not see. I am about to start an education until Nov. And my thoughts go out if I can handle it. And if not what should I do then.?

Then I come in to a nurse and she understandably talks about the medicine and I get treated right away. I get a lot of magazines home that I can read in.

I go out and have fun in the city with my mother then. And of course we get to talk about it all. Where my mother asks. "Well, how are you with the answer", and honestly I do not actually know, on the one hand I feel like just digging under the duvet, but on the other hand I am completely empty. I'm not afraid of anything right now. Maybe it's coming later. I do not know. Because I was really prepared for this answer.

I'm sitting here now, exactly a week after I got the diganosis. And I still do not really understand it. I have not familiarized myself with things / the disease yet. And I do not really know if I want to right now. Right now, it's just a little pill I have to take every night. And a terrible tiredness and a headache that I never think disappears.

Now I have to cover a few simple things in everyday life. And it should probably come along the way, I have promised myself that I will not go out and empty the fridge and fill it with vegetables and chicken for now we must live healthy. But that we take one day at a time. For it is not only me who is affected by an upheaval, so does my boyfriend and two children. We need to plan things we need to do in the future so I can function and not die of fatigue. 

I am quite new with MS and I have by no means got myself into the disease yet. But one thing has been taught to me.

It doesn't just happen to the neighbor!