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Progress up to the diagnosis - it does not only happen to the neighbor - part 2

Mia B. Lorenzen… progressed…
Doesn't it just happen to the neighbor?

When Mia was investigating, we wrote with Mia.
We agreed that if Mia became one of our few (sclerosis) selected sclerosis sufferers, we would very much like to hear Mia's story.

The process during the investigation phase. Unfortunately - can we bring the story. It is a long but very honest and incredibly well described story - course - so instead of bringing the whole story we have agreed to bring it over 3 parts.

The second part comes here…
(If you haven't read 1 part yet, you can do so here:

I'm about to go out of my good skin. I just feel like I'm lying here and still get no answer, I do not know what I thought anymore, my headache is about to knock me out, am I going to go again? What about my kids, I can not carry them, in 4 days my son has a birthday and he is currently (thankfully) on vacation with his dad, but I was going to go out there and hold his birthday, will I come? What the hell is going on??! Have I just lost half my body from it one moment to the next. I do not manage to finish one thought before the next one starts.

I have turned best support in colleagues, friends and family. And the humor is still there and fortunately still ..?

But Sunday is long, and the doctor does not see much, (new again) but I get so far with my tow of the leg that I can now get around with a walker and not a wheelchair. So little progress I can then see. Sunday turns into Monday and another new doctor arrives. and excuse me with he was then so u competent and arrogant.

I just had to go home, because everything looked fine (still no forces on the left side) and then I could come again on Tuesday morning and get answers to my last tests when they had met all the doctors. I could go and get sick from lying here in all the bacteria that was and I could get a UTI. !!! And I did not fail anything, it was just stress, it was all just mental!

An UVI, excuse me, but I'm not stupid, I know very well that it's just something you say, to say something !! I don't get a UVI from lying here. And if you have so many bacteria here that I can get a UVI, then you should probably close the department and get cleaned !!

I am then sent home on leave in the afternoon to my boyfriend and daughter of 1 year. I really want to go home, so I choose to do so. My mom picks me up at the hospital, on the way home I have the worst trip ever, I have nausea, my head is about to explode. And I crawl round and can not be in my own body. My mom was considering driving me back to the hospital, she could not stand it. But I wanted to go home and sleep, home in familiar surroundings. Takes some treo (føøøøj) and tries to sleep while my mother picks up my daughter in the nursery.

But it does not relieve my headache, which I have now had for 5 days approx.

My friend comes and helps me get in the shower and get my hair washed. It's so nice to have such close friends around. 

Tuesday morning at 8.30 the toilet goes to the hospital again, and the thought that I just have to get up and have the answer: there is nothing you can take home. It is with mixed feelings. I can now rely on a walker, so it goes forward, is it just stress, or is there something they have overlooked. I'm confused.!!

I meet the best doctor Kathrin in the hallway, she tells me that they are late (surprise) have time at 9.00am

BUT, there's something I do not know what it is but it's small, we need to go in and look at more doctors on it now. So I had to stay here, I was not discharged, it was not optimal. I should not have been allowed to do that at all.

I have to tell my brother-in-law (my driver) that he can just drive home again..and I can then put myself in my bed in the hospital!

I'm waiting, and waiting, I'm just lying down to sleep because of that shit headache. A Fys comes and goes with me for a little walk, I go for a walk myself, and then the doctor finally comes after 4 stiff hours ..


… Almost….

There is something, it is inflammation of a nerve in the brain, but the symptoms I have are not typical so she refers me to Odense, so I do not come home, and a sclerosis doctor is attached then
my symptoms go that way. Not that it is what you have or want to get but it should be ruled out.

A relief has subsided and a fear has subsided, I call my girlfriend and break up. He comes right away.

My mom calls and I can not say anything on the phone, she hangs up and drives out to me, my friend was on her way out here to visit me. Now I have a visit from them all .. my friend throws herself around me and starts crying, even though I have not even told her yet. But when I do, she just squeezes even harder and whispers "no it's not".

I know you should not take the grief in advance, but when you have been in the hospital for 5 days, you get 786 blood samples, 4 scans and various examinations and tests and you always get the answer "everything looked fine" but your left side is u functional. And you finally get this answer. Then you get scared and all thoughts run through your head.

I am 29. years old and mother of 2 small children. It's way too early, I know I'm not lying on the edge, is far from it, but all of a sudden many things change, and views on life. A thousand thoughts fly through one's head, and one does not have time to think it over until a new one comes kommer the worst thoughts are about this going to go beyond my children! I know about multiple sclerosis as we have it in the family. But what I do know is that she was in a wheelchair and got help with everything.

…. I am getting into biobarkhomon treatment, which I have to do for a while, and already after 1 drop I can feel a small change. It raises the hope a little. I get a cure in 5 days.

my big thought and actually a big concern is: what would have happened to me if the german doctor Kathrin had not been at work, she could have had a holiday or been ill.

What happened to me, ???

YES! I know! I had been home late, and got the answer, the mental you have stress… without getting treatment .. what was it then ended up in ??! That we fortunately never know ❤️?


A doctor who is not "just" at work. But a doctor who disregards her own free time to drive back to her patients because she believes in her gut feeling and not the technology.

A doctor with the heart in the right place.

She may also have a family and children waiting for her .. she does not get a thank you from work for coming again, she probably does not get a thank you from the family for AGAIN coming home late when they had to spend the weekend together, because it most likely is not the first time she does.

BUT .. she gets the biggest FATEST LOVE THANKS from me. ❤️

Had she not been here I was a number in the row, judged stress and sent home again!

One doctor out of five believes that something needs to be done. It is so thoughtful !!

July 14. Will I be discharged. I have finished my treatment, and am now being sent home with pills for the pain in my head, going through a rehabilitation at home. An ergo and a fys are associated.

Very small and slow progress is being made. And I now walk with a crutch.

The third part of Mia's story comes in the next issue of the PDF magazine and here on the website