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Progress up to the diagnosis - it does not only happen to the neighbor - part 1

By Mia B. Lorenzen

When Mia was investigating, we wrote with Mia.
We agreed that if Mia became one of us few (practicing)

sclerosis sufferers we would very much like to hear Mia's story.

The process during the investigation phase.
Unfortunately - can we bring the story. It is a long but honestly and incredibly well described story - course - so instead of bringing the whole story we have agreed to bring over 3 parts.
The first part comes here…

Thursday, June 28, 2018. I wake up with a terrible headache in the back of my head, I am really well snotty have a sore throat. I have it for a few days, however, fits my job. I googled sinusitis and in rare cases you could get a pain in the back of the head and find out for myself that I once got sinusitis… and that should not stop me from working even if it is hard on the head.

Friday morning, July 6, 2018, I go to work. I have a holiday from my original job but have taken some temporary hours at a nursing home.

Towards the morning around 10 o'clock I start to get a tingling / sleeping sensation in my left thumb, right out of the tip, it comes and goes a bit and thinks that I probably just squeezed my finger in something.

I talk to a colleague about it being awkward when something is slavish and she tells a story about her own hand sometimes holding her own little party ..

… Some time passes and I now feel the same feeling around my lips and nostrils, still only in the left side. I get a little worried, but as it comes and goes I continue my work .. I am now starting around 13 time to feel it in my toes and up on the outside of the leg. It starts to grow and now also continues in my hand, up along the arm and around the ear and eye.

My colleague gets worried about me and says I have to walk in past our other colleague before I go home to have my values ​​measured. I do not know if I myself am worried at this point, I guess I am, but just think I'm really so scared that I'm displacing it. Because there's never anything wrong with me? That's the neighbor it happens to be!

I walk past another colleague before I want to drive home, she measures my values, is is all fine. I take a contract to my own doctor, where I get one from the secretary. Unfortunately I can not talk to the doctor but she will leave a message, and if he does not call back before 16 I can call the doctor on duty. The time now is 15.00. Or I could call 112 if I thought I might have a brain haemorrhage ..

A brain haemorrhage ?!

It's not exactly what one suspects oneself for having.

And what if you are a medical secretary, there should be no alarm bells ringing at you when I tell you my symptoms. ?

I drive home gently with a colleague behind me and listen all the way, the last 600m before I am home I lose all the energy in my left arm. But I'm coming home.

The doctor does not call and I contact the doctor. The doctor does not hesitate for a second and sends an ambulance with emergency call immediately.

I get very startled when he says he will send one with emergency, I sit in our car with our youngest just 1 year while my boyfriend is inside shopping. I kindly ask the doctor to wait ten minutes to send the ambulance as I will only be home in ten minutes. And he will. I hang up and call my boyfriend who is in use. But his mobile is in the car, I panic a bit! I get in another otherwise way backed over to our daughter and get her out of the car. I'm going to get in and grab my boyfriend. He manages to get out of use as I just got our daughter out. I start crying and tell them we'm going home, an ambulance is coming. We get our daughter dropped off by her uncle and aunt on the way.

The ambulance is coming and so are some really cute ambulance people. 
They drive me up the amva in Sønderborg and I am being investigated in the head and end. A young foreign doctor comes in and says I have to in a scanner, there are two choices:

CT scanner and MRI scanner.

He does not recommend CT because I am so young (29) due to its powerful rays. An MRI can only be done on Monday. So I can be allowed to come home Saturday morning on leave and then come again Monday or Tuesday for the scan. For all my values ​​and blood tests were fine. So no reason I was there he thought. However, I cannot use my entire left side at this time.

And I get wheelchair-bound.

On Saturday morning I will be checked by another doctor (Kathrin) she is safe that something is completely wrong, she does not hesitate, I am under no circumstances allowed to come home, as she says: you can not even go. Then she sends me in a CT scanner right away, then for an ultrasound scan of my blood vessel in my throat. When it's over I'm driven back but do not reach
long before they call and say I have to go back for a CT, so we turn around .. this time I will be scanned with contrast fluid.

Again I give an answer that everything looks fine. But that they can see I have had a sinusitis.

I am now being transferred to the neurology department. And here I must be until at least tomorrow. There is a shift change so I'm just lying here. Being taken over by another doctor who says I can probably do well
come home tomorrow on leave. Since my tests do not show anything, I have probably just been stressed. !!! I'm telling you I'm not stressed? I'm fine, yes I work a lot have two small children, but I'm not stressed, I know myself well enough to know that. I have been down a road where I was stressed and depressed.

… Doctor kathrin returns, in her private clothes .. 

yes hey mia, I was actually driven home but I could not get you out of your head, I know there is something because you have many symptoms but they are not typical .. I rule out that there is a bleeding in the brain, but I will / can not rule out that you have had a transient blood clot in the brain .. so now I put you in blood-thinning medicine. And you get a heart meter that you should have on the next day maybe more. I would also like to do a spinal cord test on you ,?

Of course she has to. The other doctor who had the guard was standing and looked like a big question mark, she could not see why I should do all this when my tests showed nothing.

I get a spinal cord sample and several blood samples, I think we have taken 27 already .. so now I am waiting for an answer once again ..

The thoughts are flying around in my head and I actually just want to go home. But can also see for yourself that it is not realistic… .. the sample comes back, shows nothing… (at least not something they say yet ……….)

The second part of Mia´'s story comes in the next issue - you can find it here https://www.sclerose.info/forloebet-op-til-diagnosen-sker-det-ikke-kun-for-naboen-del-2 /

About Mia… card…:
I am 29 years old, mother of 2 children boy 6 years and girl barely 2 years.
Living with girlfriend and kids
Starts on education as social and health assistant in Nov.
Teaches pole dancing and fitness. (Currently sick leave due to lack of force on the left side)
Large family man