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The funds and finances of the association

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Sclerose.info was founded in March 2002.
Since we started, the association has not received public support, but only received private funds.
This through private people or through corporate support or through sponsorships.

The association's funds / money is used to run our website, hosting expenses, security in connection with the web, for marketing and operation of our PDF sheet (Articles, graphic setup etc.), and that we have outsourced parts of our administration (bookkeeping etc.).

The association is run primarily by sclerosis sufferers, as well as a few relatives who help.

Our admin / moderator team on Facebook is also run by people with multiple sclerosis and relatives - and does an incredible job of making sure to maintain the largest group for Danish people with multiple sclerosis in Denmark.

Sometimes when we have activities or events we do this with partial sponsorship while associations participate with part payments

The association's annual budget is not huge - but we try to do it so well and contribute with activities for us sclerosis sufferers.

Sclerose.info is an independent association - we are a community for us sclerosis sufferers and relatives.

If you have questions about the association's operations and activities, feel free to write to admin@sclerose.info or to our President kim@sclerose.info

// Admin

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