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There are 2 associations within sclerosis in Denmark

The association Sclerose.info

Before the summer and in the summer of 2019, there have been some who have written about the two associations within sclerosis in Denmark - Sclerose.info as we are called, and the old Sclerosis Association. We've written it before - the two associations have nothing to do with each other.

We've written it before - we've talked about it before - we've debated it before. Sclerose.info is not a breaker of the Sclerosis Association.

The association Sclerose.info is a patient organization - we are not political - we are set in the world so that we can communicate even with sclerosis sufferers and their relatives.

We are primarily driven by sclerosis.

Sclerose.info does activities for sclerosis sufferers and relatives

Because of the close communication and "conversation" Sclerose.info has with us sclerosis sufferers - Sclerose.info knows what is going on and move on sclerosis sufferers, because we are sclerosis sufferers. A real patient organization.

Sclerose.info has closeness and presence with and for sclerosis sufferers and their relatives

It is important to emphasize that Sclerose.info has the attitude that the Sclerosis Association is a necessary and important institution. With political and great economic power.

Sclerose.info is one like the small organization we are very important in the debate about sclerosis.
We work to improve conditions for the sclerosis sufferers through information and debate about life. It's about living as we say in Sclerose.info, and as we all know with sclerosis, life and living a different meaning - taste - color - sound, when diagnosed with sclerosis.

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