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The 1000 Faces - Vanja Djekic

In a series of sclerosis faces, we are pleased to welcome you to Vanja
Sclerose.info started in 2013 by presenting people behind the sclerosis under the title 1000 faces.

Sclerosis has many faces and ways of degenerating (type, course, etc.) - but at the same time the people behind the multiple sclerosis have just as many different personalities - many faces - many lives - many different ways of working with their disease and with.


Name: Vanja Djekic
Age: 33 years
Diagnosis / year of diagnosis… maybe a little about how it started before you got the diagnosis.
I got my diagnosis at 2003 Glostrup Hospital


Treatment: Copaxone
Why did you choose this treatment or why did you opt out?
I got it from a neurologist at GH and I don't have many side effects.
Do you take alternative medicine or treatment - and why - what helps you?
I only take vitamins / minerals
How many times have you been scanned since you were diagnosed - and when were you last scanned?
Only once in 2003
Younger quote or slogan:
I take one day at a time
What did you do before your diagnosis - and what do you do now / also like hobbies?
I have started a course back to the job market, looking for a flexible job.
My hobbies are to spend time with my family and friends, painting on canvas
How are you as a person and person today? .... Have you changed after the diagnosis and in what way?
I am a very honest and loving person, it has not changed since my diagnosis. I try to say to myself that what I reach today, when I, then I must take the second tomorrow. I think differently more positively, try to think more about myself, but it's pretty hard, always going to think of others before I think of myself.

Do you have a temper…. And what does it do for you - both positive and negative?
Yes I have temperament, we don't all have it 😉

How has your social circle coped with getting sclerosis?
They were in shock just as I was. But they all support me.

How do you feel that you can help as relatives / friends / family?
You have to talk about it and explain it and support it.

How do you feel your life is today?
My life today is kind of like, trying to be positive and happy.
Do you hate your sclerosis?
yes i hate my sclerosis. Liver with that disease, but I never accept it.

If you have children, how did you explain to them that you had sclerosis?
Yes I have a little boy of almost 2 years.
How are you doing with your body? …do you like it ?
I'm fine with my body.

What is the worst symptom or side effect of your sclerosis? And how does it affect your everyday life?
The worst is that sometimes I don't have the strength to go far . Then I just feel like a giant 0.

Do you live by the principles of sclerosis? And can you feel the difference from before and after?
No I don't, I live my life, eat everything I want.

What has your sclerosis provided you with good experiences?

Are you dreaming?
Yes I do. I dream that someday that illness will be gone and I know it will someday, when and how I don't know.

How do you feel about training? Do you feel a positive effect or do you feel it is a necessary evil?
I have been training and I have felt a positive effect. Now I'm not training anymore I don't have time / money.

Life has so many colors ... what was your color before you got sclerosis ... and what is your color now?
Before I got sclerosis it was blue. My color now is green / gray.

Oh …. But what's the best thing about having sclerosis ...?
I do not know.

What is your attitude about the way politicians look at "us sclerosis"?
They should try to be in our body for a week, so after that they can talk.

What would you do - in a few words - if you had the chance to be Minister of Health for a day?
That everyone should be treated well. Respect to everyone. Support for everyone.

Do you have any advice for newly diagnosed people?
That they should talk about their situation and not hold back.

Do you have any advice for us with sclerosis?
I know it's tough but don't give up, take one day at a time.
Where are you and what are you doing in 5 years?
Hopefully to still be in work, house, a sweet and understanding girlfriend, have a little more money than I have today.

What do you think of the work Sclerose.info is doing?
Super good!

What is your biggest dream?
Being healthy so I can take care of my son.

Finally ... tell a little about yourself and your life so far
I am a woman, 33 years old, have a child.
Live my life quietly, I am optimistic and always say it should go all in. I am grateful for all that I have, my family and the friends I have.


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