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Acceptance of sclerosis?!?!?!

Acceptance of sclerosis?!?!?!?!

In continuation of a post in the Facebook group December 2019, on “How to accept one's sclerosis - and questions about how we, as a sclerosis sufferers, have accepted this, posed by someone newly diagnosed - I cannot help but grab the keyboard and fluently type.

The question proved how much difference there is to us sclerosis - it shows how we each interpret separately .. Accept.

This is what the dictionary says:
* to approve or say yes to something
* figuring someone or something too good enough; getting used to something (despite any bad sides)
I am a positive person - so for me, I "find myself" with the sclerosis.
For me, sclerosis is "A CONDITION" - and it is something that comes and goes… it is something that affects me for a short period of time - something that can affect me (symptoms) forever… but I do NOT let the sclerosis control me.
I don't want to get angry and angry at the sclerosis because I'm being affected - simply because I can't change it. It is a game of time and energy to get angry - to become bitter, angry, hate the sclerosis. When something happens in one's life you cannot change ... then it is important not to let this overshadow one's life.

I look at it this way - that if I work with the sclerosis - with my condition (which the sclerosis is) and NOT against it - then I can accept it.
I know from myself, and from so many other sclerosis sufferers I have considered from the outside that if you take up the fight against sclerosis - then you lose!

It does not mean that I just leave ... that I do nothing.
I am incredibly aware of many conditions I KNOW can worsen my sclerosis.
- stress! I do not allow to be stressed !. Stress is one of my biggest enemies if not the biggest.

My definition of stress is - everything you can't reach or can't reach.
These are the scared thoughts and clues one has in the back of the head, the ones that lie and push one and that make you stressed (the uncertainty, what now, scared, fear of the future, etc., etc.). I take those thoughts and work with them - and accept that "I can't change it" or "no one knows the future" or "if I work with myself positively, I've done what I could"
I am busy or may be busy, but it is not stress! And I will not let the bustle or get busy so it overshadows my focus.

- I know I have to be positive and stay positive - that's why I work with myself constantly to stay positive. I practice - I train in it.

- I know there are some things I can not eat, or that I get sick of - something my digestion is not happy about - so I do not eat!
There are other things I should eat and help with my energy level - whether I eat it or try to do it whether I love it or not.

- I know - because I have multiple sclerosis - that life is too short… so I try to live life every day. I do not spend time on things or people that have a negative effect or energy on me.

- I plan the future as all people do - but I KNOW that it is only a sketch, it is only wishes and dreams. I believe in it and work towards it, but I KNOW it can change. And at the same time I know that this is how it is for all people - you do not know what will happen tomorrow - even if "many" live in false security

- I physically train. No matter where I am and how I feel - I train. Even if it's a little. Even though I can hardly. I KNOW it helps. Not only physically but also psychologically

- I work a lot on being in balance with myself. It is not easy.
These are especially the ones that are just around me, family and friends, etc., but, sadly, the days I feel less comfortable with my fuzz are shorter than usual. I'm really trying to because I feel bad physically or mentally - that this is NOT going to be too bad.

It is "so easy" for us old people to consider the newly-diagnosed and give good advice.
We have been there, we are through the stages you meet, and have been through them several times that we KNOW where the various fall groups are. But we are different and there are not 2 that are the same, so all in all, there are many good different good tips that someone nods recognizably to while others shake their heads.

You MUST learn from your own mistakes. But one can HOPE that as we share old experiences, it will be easier for new ones.

Everyone has to go on the journey to get ahead with the diagnosis of sclerosis, how we do it individually - but everyone we old thinks is good when we share our experience.

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And - let's continue with this debate - for it helps the new ones, but they also help us the old ones because we get to look at our own situation and where we are now.

// Kim