What do brain lesions mean in multiple sclerosis?

What do brain lesions mean in multiple sclerosis? Magnetic resonance imaging is an important diagnostic tool for multiple sclerosis because it produces images of lesions in the brain and spinal cord. These lesions can appear as the condition progresses, and they may have a bearing on the symptoms that occur. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323976.php

What to know about itching and MS

What to know about itching and MS Multiple sclerosis is a condition that affects the central nervous system. Its symptoms affect the nerves and can cause dysesthesia, or abnormal sensations such as burning, numbness, or itching. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323838.php

Study provides new way to treat multiple sclerosis

  Nerve cells stripped of their insulation can no longer carry vital information, leading to the numbness, weakness and vision problems often associated with multiple sclerosis. A new study shows an overlooked source may be able to replace that lost insulation and provide a new way to treat diseases like MS. Cells called neurons make…

Sclerose.info PDF – december 2018

Sclerose.info PDF december 2018 udgaven December udgaven af Sclerose.info PDF bladet er lige landet …….. I dette blad kan du læse 3 del af “Det sker for naboen” som er Mia B. Lorenzen fortælling om nydiagnosen, om Lisbeth Høgh som et af ansigterne, nekrose, handicap toilet, at vi behøver hjælp til sex og meget mere…