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Living With MS

Early Retired, but Positive HedonistBy Brit B. Laursen In early 2005, my body within a few days became a mixture of strange, clumsy, and numb things. Especially my hands; They felt like boxing gloves. They played a trick on me and would not cooperate with my brain. I was immediately examined and after 3 months…


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MS Information

What is sclerose?By Karen Schreiber Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the central nervous system, primary in thr brain or spinal cord. This is called an inflammatory disease and it is estimated that it is your own immune system, that overreacts and attacks parts of the nervous system. Nerve cells notifies the other nerves…

Ankerson without Filter

(K)ærlighed – lige fra hjertet UDEN FILTER… Åh, hvor er det svært at være ”EN SUND EGOIST”… Selvom jeg dagligt læser på mit spejl, hvor jeg har sat et stykke papir med de syv punkter op, har det lange udsigter at efterleve alle syv leveregler ALL THE TIME! På en helt almindelig dårlig dag går…